Calling all Volunteers!

The Harlem Valley Rail Trail is an amazing recreational opportunity, but many people don’t realize that it wouldn’t exist without a great group of dedicated volunteers giving their time and energy throughout the years.
This year we have a lot of exciting projects in store. The projects this spring will be really fun. But we need your help.
This year we have set up an online volunteer form. It’s a great new way to keep track of volunteers and share upcoming projects.
Even if you have volunteered in the past, please fill this out. The form is here:…/1FAIpQLSd3Dn6RZxcVW7yvWw…/viewform . It only takes a minute to fill out and we will let you know when new projects are coming.
If you are a fan of the Rail Trail and enjoy spending a few hours outside on a beautiful spring day with a bunch of other great people, please help us by volunteering today!