On Monday, the White House released its full proposal to revitalize and transform America’s infrastructure. It’s a critical debate, but we were heartbroken to discover there was one thing missing: the transformative power of a balanced transportation system that includes trails to meet its goals.

Now it’s up to Congress to respond with their own proposal—and they look to local news and opinions for direction. That’s where you come in.

Show your love for the Harlem Valley Rail Trail by writing a letter to your newspaper, senators and congressmen supporting trails, walking and biking as part of a balanced transportation system.

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Right now, Washington appears to be preoccupied with debating the exact amount of federal funding and whether regulations make investments better or worse. But we need to make sure that any investments of taxpayer dollars will meet the changing needs of the American public for more mobility options. Help us share this message.

Trails are already transforming America. They provide healthy options to get outdoors, revitalize main streets and provide important mobility choices for people to safely get around. Almost 40 percent of all trips in the United States are a 20-minute bike ride or less, and more than 20 percent are a 20-minute walk or less.

Trails, sidewalks, bike lanes and crosswalks are parts of America’s growing mobility needs—and should be included in any final infrastructure bill. We know this—but your local paper (where your members of Congress get their news) needs to know it, too!

Write your newspaper today. Tell them—and your member of Congress—that walking and biking should be part of an infrastructure bill.

Getting to a final infrastructure bill is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. As the House and Senate both write their own proposals and then negotiate the differences, we’ll need your help to make sure trails, walking and biking stay included in the infrastructure debate.

Help us show the public—and Congress—that trails transform America.