Earth Day Thank You and Future Work

Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up and did great work this Earth Day doing trail maintenance between Black Grocery in Copake and Hillsdale. We had a grand total of 30 hours of great volunteer work this Earth Day.

Next up is I Love My Park Day at the Taconic State Park Copake Falls on May 5th from 9AM to 12PM. We will be installing a beautiful garden to honor Elinor Mettler and other trail maintenance tasks. Come help us out and enjoy the beauty of the trail!  Register at the Parks and Trails New York event page here:

We have a bunch more volunteer days planned for the next few months, including planting American Chestnut saplings, installing interpretive signage, more trail benches, trail count days, festival booths, and more trail cleanup days.  Give back to the trail we all love so much.  Volunteer with the Harlem Valley Rail Trail today!